Born and raised in a small Louisiana town along the muddy Mississippi, I am a Southern girl through and through. Crawfish, gumbo, beignets, and grandma’s rolls. Horseback riding, fishing, and skeet shooting were staples… Not at the expense, however, of lessons in etiquette, music, art, and politics…These were woven into fibers called “the Southern Belle”. The graces of hospitality, kindness to the stranger, the virtues of poise and elegance, and the morals of faith and character are as foundational as grace around the table.

However, I am redefined. I do not prefer sweet tea. I don’t yet have the playful laughter of children in my home. I am a surgeon, and spend most of the daylight in the trenches of the OR. I still see the world as waiting to be discovered and conquered. Training brought me from Louisiana to North Carolina. Though the South is and always will be home, wanderlust to see the world drives me.  I am a political conservative, and believe that faith is still the most important part of life. I am a career woman, a newlywed, a surgeon, but beyond all, I am still A SOUTHERN BELLE…just…REDEFINED.


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